📦 Add some variety to your home decor with these functional storage boxes. They’re 4 elements from the game, made functional to allow inventory items storage.

100% functional, playtested.

About inventory storage

- ⚠️ Some items, linked to the Sim's personal inventory, cannot be stored into those boxes (for example Jungle's machetes and water bottles). It's not an issue from this mod, but Ea's default programming.

- The items stored in those boxes are shared by all boxes on the lot, like for bookshelves. You can place as many boxes as you want on your lot, or replace them, they all will always keep the same items in there.

- Inventory items storage is useful and highly recommended. Because too big inventories with too many items can cause lag, and even crash your game!


Buy -> Storage -> Misc.

More info
  • Three ethnic boxes: 13 swatches
  • Drawers: 3 swatches
  • Cardboard box: 5 swatches
  • Files box: 5 swatches
not so secure storage box KeirKieran
Another functional storage box by KeirKieran

Available on ModTheSims. Perfect for the office, in the basement or the attic. You'll have to create an account to download this box (free).

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All content made thanks to S4Studio and CmarNYC’s tools. Super special credit to TheAfricanSim and all the original authors for the beautiful African textile resource! And of course, a credit to Ea Games for this fantastic game.

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