One of the reasons I love playing The Sims 4 that much is the depth we can give to our characters stories, and obviously to their romance.

These two are one of the cutest and most lovely couple in my gameplay. So I wanted to share with you a bit of their love story.


Born in a mortal family, Elias showed supernatural powers signs very early.

His loving parents, Harald and Edwina, didn’t know what to do to help him mastering his special abilities. Until they heard about a magic school in The Magic Realm. 

Elias spent his teenage years studying in The Magic Realm, under the benevolent protection of the Sage L.Faba.

He met Minerva at the Magic School and fell immediately in love with her bubbly personality and her lively spirit. Thinking that Minerva wasn’t interested in him as a lover, they first shared a strong friendship.

Minerva’s father encouraged him to open his heart to his daughter, saying “she’s so busy studying and educating her mind she even didn’t notice that she has an empty space in her heart for you”

They both decided to build their young adult lives in the mortal world.

Elias signed up at Britechester University and got a prestigious degree in Visual Arts, he’s now an accomplished freelance artist.


Minerva is half-mortal, half-witch. His father, Alatar, comes from a very ancient spellcasters bloodline. He met Minerva’s mother, Felicia, during a trip in Senegal. The spellcasters family warmly welcomed their wedding and Minerva’s birth.

The only other half-witch of the family, Lanteia, never had supernatural abilities. So the whole family was in shock when Minerva showed the first signs of a powerful magic.

Then, Felicia died frozen and Minerva’s father, overwhelmed by grief, decided to move in with his sisters to get some help raising his daughter. He also adopted Minerva’s cousin whose mother was and still is missing. The kids grew up together in a loving family, but asked to meet other spellcasters. That’s how they ended up at The Magic School.

Minerva was a very conscientious student, and became a very talented witch. She was Simeon Silversweater’s favorite student.

After going back to the mortal world, where they both spent their childhood, Minerva studied photography. But the day she witnessed a crime she decided to go back to university to become a police officer and fight for justice.

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All content made thanks to S4Studio and CmarNYC’s tools. Super special credit to TheAfricanSim and all the original authors for the beautiful African textile resource! And of course, a credit to Ea Games for this fantastic game.

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