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One of the screenshots in previews for your Makeup and tint fix for dark skintones displays an awesome skin detail overlay for elderly people. I’ve been looking for it everywhere since I saw it, but never managed to find one for download.
Can you please say where I can get one?

My huge thanks in advance!


I am always looking for elder-related content. I would especially like to see hair for elders, such as vintage hairstyles for women and thinning/balding hair for men. Also, the styles of glasses and clothes that older people wear. I am also interested in mid-century furniture styles. I would like to be able to re-create my great-grandparents and their house.

I find it discouraging that there is so much sameness in the Sims. It is sad that in a place where people can make anything they want, they all want to make the same things.


I have been trying to find a headwrap for children that I can use for PJs for one of my Sims in my Decades Challenge. I know that with textured hair a lot of people sleep in headwraps, so I’m trying to tell my story with that in mind, but I’m having so much trouble finding something that will work! (Also, 1970s era textured hairstyles for all ages are something I need, but the headwrap is giving me the most headache!)